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Dubai Museum

Dubai MuseumDubai Museum formally known as Fahidi Fort was built in 1799. In 1983 Al Fahidi Fort was ordered to gather the ancient things of Dubai hence Al Fahidi Fort was then renamed as Dubai Museum. it is the place where tourist increase their knowledge about why Dubai is what is now and how it reach to this high place in globe and many more questions. Tourists can create a picture and answer all their questions by themselves by observing the ancient history and tradition found in Dubai Museum. From the year 1960 to 1980 it was the time of urban expansion in Dubai. Tourists can have full detailed information about this urban expansion from the maps exhibited at the entrance of Dubai Museum. This museum in Middle East Hub then came up with a unique theme that is Life in desert. Just have a walk around the Museum you will find Ancient Arabian Homes, worshiping places and other dwellings. You will find a different world inside the museum whereas nowadays this place has totally changed with the modern life in city. But Dubai Museum has preserved its whole ancient life and history for the future generations. Most of the tourists are interested in knowing the roots of this unique Arabic music in Dubai which was the result of mixture of different cultures across the world. When you enter the Dubai Museum beautiful sound of melodies will move around your ears and beautiful melodies of ancient rhythm. You will find all Arabian Musical Instruments in Dubai Museum such as drums, Lyres, Flutes and Bagpipes which will reflect the old time of Dubai. The unique attractions of Dubai Museum are artefact from 3rd Millennium B.C.  These objects excavate from numerous graves in the Emirates which important for an archaeology students as well as important heritage for others too. Take a small tour at our website and find bunch of information to make your trip a good one. Book Madinat Jumeirah Now!