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Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is main attraction found in the city which is 14 km long. This creek really supports foreign exchange and trade which a common tourist cannot imagine. Around 720 thousand tonnes of cargo, along eight wharf ages of the Creek, around 720 thousand tonnes of cargo is swap over with countries like Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and India every year. Around 31 ships with net weight of 800 tones can be handled at a time by The Creek.

Another main attraction is Abra cruise which is used to connect two places such as Deira with Bur Dubai. Most of the people travel on this wooden boat (Abra) to go from one side to another. It is considered as an important and traditional water transport of the city. Nowadays chain of Abras is not much seen in Dubai creek because most of these boats are replaced with modern electric Motors. These Abras are also used by visitors who want to take pleasure of going on a cruise considering the calm and peaceful atmosphere of ocean waters. UAE government are very keen to retain this tradition of Abras which are very eco friendly for people.

Many artists have been attracted by this amazing marine phenomenon and have captured these scene and beauty of Dubai creek into their paintings.  One of the Amazing painting which was made by Olga Konoschuk a Ukraine artist, who has made clear sketches of the marine attraction with the bluish tones used in the painting.

By the support of late H.H.Shaikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, funds for widening the Creek were put in by one of the banks in Dubai and gave the loan to Kuwaiti Government for this project. Permanent bridges were also built to link both sides of the Creek .Among them one bridge was named after Al Maktoum.  In 1967 oil reserves were also discovered along the creek. Today this Dubai Creek has become one of the major destinations for the foreigners.