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Bedouin Village

While your journey to Dubai there is very exciting place for those who like adventure because there are many geographical regions in the city which give you pleasure of nature as well. Many of the things can also have bad impact on your journey like sophisticated resorts and high calorie food. Although you will find Dubai a highly sophisticated and modern city but there is a place which is must to visit called Bedouin Village located just outside the city. This village is filled with Modern Civilization, contrasted with the Bedouin Tents; this heritage village is occupied by the villagers who have come from different parts of UAE who are ready to attract visitors through their native lifestyle as well as story telling about the history of this place.

Life in the village is very casual and simple. There is a routine life in Village like women will be busy doing their household work, giving food to cows and sheep’s, milking them, giving them water, preparing Arabian Coffee called Qahwa for visitors, processing cheese (Labnah) etc. These women wear traditional Arabic cloths which are weaving, and stitch by themselves in their own traditional way. Mens in the village have to perform duty of guiding visitors to each tent and displaying them different traditional attractions. They also explain that how various activities were performed in olden days by Arabian.

Camel rides which the most famous activity in Dubai is also found in Bedouin village under the direction of elder men. If you have seen this animal riding activity first time in your life then basic lesson is also given by them to increase your knowledge. Camel riding is not very difficult as compare to horse riding because camel always walk slowly. While returning back from the Bedouin village it will truly give you a true image of life in desert which will be memorable for your whole life.

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