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Bastakiya District

Bastakiya District was previously famous by the name Old Town, when many people moved from Bastak to this region to setup their business and permanently settle here. This place is now famous for the wind towers and then called as Bastakiya District, by the help of Bastak people who made this place as their inheritance. History also says that arrival of Arabs and Sunnis from Persia as well as India also came into this region. Bastakiya Districts is also another destination for tourists along the Dubai creek.  This area is filled with old fashioned, narrow lanes and courtyard houses which are built in traditional designs. Due to effective care of Urban planning the buildings in Bastakiya has taken extra care to preserve the old architectural tradition of this place.

The wind towers are perfect cooling technique for the region, wind is directed to the channelled to houses which are located in that area which are more than mere decorative structures.

This area is about 300 m X 200 m along the Dubai Creek which is at Bur Dubai side. Dubai Museum or Al Fahidi Fort is also located in this area of Bastakiya which is another most important place for tourists to visit.  Dubai Municipality has started the renovation of Bastakiya District in 2001. You will find multi -cultural tradition of Dubai in Bastakiya District. Then they enter Bastakiya District. You can also see the Bastakiya reflection in the buildings and cultural traditions which is due to when Arabs and Sunnis from Persia came to this place.

Bastakiya memories will remain alive while having a look at the Museum, the cultural centre help the fusion of Persian culture with Arabic traditions. There are Persian Art Gallery which have borrowed artistic components from the Art forms of the Emirates. You will also see reflection of Persian in restaurants as well as traditionally designed markets in the region. An example of a Persian house which is refurbished as a hotel is XVA. Other things of attractions in Bastakiya are Majlis Gallery and café.