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Sharjah Overview

Previously Sharjah was called as Sarcoa. Sharjah is considered as the third largest states in UAE. History of Sharjah has begun since 6000 years back. Sharjah has formed a cultural hub of UAE and is one of the famous states.

Initially population was very less at Sharjah and the main occupation of people was trade, sea faring, farming, hunting, fishing and pearling.  Man made underground watercourse was constructed with the name of Falaj which was one of the settlement made in the beginning by Sharjah. Entire UAE has an area of about 2,600 sq km

Sharjah has become an fabulous attraction for tourists which is full of huge malls and shopping complexes. At one side of Sharjah you will find Arabian Sea whereas at the other end there is Indian Ocean. This place has become heaven for visitors as you will view the beautiful sandy beaches with clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean will make your life seems very calm and you trip will be worth full after visiting this place. You will never get bore at this place as it also offer entertaining activities like diving and fishing. You can take full pleasure by relaxing at this coast for a whole day.

Al Dhaid is also considered as an attractive destination for tourist. The peaceful falaj based palm oasis situated at the centre of the UAE. Strawberries and many other fruits and vegetables are the famous items of Al Dhaid.

In mid 2004 there were about 678,000 of population living in Sharjah. From the month of November to April weather of Sharjah remains warm sunny during daytime with the temperature of about 18 to 30 degrees C, whereas evenings in Sharjah are cool with low humidity.

UAE is an Islamic state and people follow Islamic traditions all around the country. For men national costume is a long white robe and headdress which is known as kandora or dishdasha. Whereas women wear Traditional Abaya which is black cloak.

Sharjah offers many tourists point where you can have fun and entertainment. Keep surfing at our website and you find more about Sharjah.

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