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Sharjah Weather

From November to April Sharjah has a very pleasant climate with warm sunshine in during the day whereas nights are cool with low humidity. In day time temperature varies from 18 to 30 degree Celsius. Rainy weather can be enjoyed during the month of January, February and March. Sometimes the rainfall accompanied with tropical storms.

Keep a pair of rubber boots so that you can walk comfortably on the streets after the heavy shower of rains during the rainy season. There is also an option to buy rainy cloths from Sharjah’s Rolla Square Market if you have forgotten to pick rainy cloths for your trip to Sharjah in rainy season

From the month of May to September the weather of Sharjah becomes very hot and during month of July to August temperature turns as high as 45 degrees. At night temperature goes down by around 25 degrees Celsius but still nights are warm.  Humidity turns to almost 100% which felt like boiling hot. All these are the reasons due to which it is not advisable to plan your trip during summers. People living in Sharjah also move to cooling places during the summer seasons.

You can find all information’s about Sharjah weather from Sharjah Airport meteorological office which makes easy for visitors to plan their trip during nice climate. If you are visiting during winter don’t forget to take light woollen clothes with you. While visiting during Rainy seasons take all the necessary cloths and precaution to save you from rain. And if you are visiting during summers keep light stuff with you and be prepared to face the hot weather of Sharjah..

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