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Shopping in Sharjah

Sharjah is very famous place for shopping. It is also famous for its various such as Souks and Markets which include Blue Souk, Souk Al Arsah, Old Bazaar, Iranian Bazaar, Al Majarrah Souk, The Central Market, and Sharjah Gold Centre and many more.  There is wide variety of carpets, perfumes, cosmetic, textile and jewellery is found in Sharjah.

You will find numerous sophisticated boutiques, shops, malls, department stores and colourful souks in the city of Sharjah. Al Fardan Centre, Al Taawun Mall, Sharjah City Centre and many other popular shopping malls are found at Sharjah.

Sharjah is considered as one of the popular shopping destination in UAE.  Sharjah is considered as a distinct commercial centre of UAE, although Dubai is considered as the flourishing place in UAE but still Sharjah has its own place in the heart for many people as well as commercial area of UAE.

There are numerous shops that cater every latest fashion which comes in budget of any person. Best time for shopping is evening you can have lot of fun while doing shopping different multitude boutique and garment shops. Many leather products, crystal and chandelier shops are famous part of Sharjah. You will also find hair salons and Parlours at every point in Sharjah which are also very popular. There are also best furniture makers you will be going to find in Sharjah.

You must have a bargaining power and try to reduce price if you want to buy anything from here. Some of the Souks house are beautifully carpeted and decorated with antiques which are from the Asian sub-continent and the Arab world. These markets store are filled with stones such as silver, bronze, copper, enamel-inlaid works and also Bedouin camel hair upholstery pieces, chunky silver jewellery, and wooden carvings all of these products are available at market in Sharjah.

If you want to have delicious food just go straight to Al Wahda Street, Jamal Abdul Naseer Street, Al Qassimia Street, Rolla Square, and Corniche Road, where you will find variety of good restaurants. The local food of Sharjah includes fresh salads, grilled fish and meat which is followed by a desert, but the food of Sharjah is spicy but we ensure you that you will enjoy their delicious cuisines.

Sharjah offer many entertaining activities as well as shopping which everyone love to do.


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  1. Posted by Petra Mofas| 2011-11-29 16:42:00

    This thread has great information on shopping.  A friend of mine told me about this cool app that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (for themselves or as a gift).  Here's the link - I think the app is coming out around Black Friday but you can sign up now: