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Sightseeing in Sharjah

Sharjah is also known as the Pearl of the Gulf because there is wide variety of tourists destinations found in Sharjah. Sharjah is filled with cultural heritage because of this visitors are attracted to visit this place which is full of rich culture by which visitors can take pleasure.  No matter if you are an art lover or history lover Sharjah is the place which offers everything. Sharjah is said to be a city which is full of art and heritage.

You will find many tourists destinations such as museums, art centres, palaces, religious buildings, souks and many other attractive places. You will find bunch of information on the heritage of the region during your trip to Sharjah. Many of the museums will take you to past; you must visit these museums to gather information about the city.

Sharjah is considered as a Cultural Capital of UAE which make place in the heart and soul of visitors. Some of the attractions for tourists are Sharjah Archaeological Museum, Sharjah Natural History and Desert Park, Sharjah Arts and Heritage Area and Sharjah Heritage Museum. Sharjah offers you to see a unique Islamic architecture during your journey at heritage area of the city.

Central Market is considered as the main and biggest market in Sharjah and it is also known as Blue Souk. Silver jewellery, antiques, rugs, curios, clothes, cosmetics, cameras, Omani and Yemeni antique jewellery and household goods almost all the things are found in this market this is the reason it is said to be the biggest market in Sharjah where you will find each and everything.