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Al Ain Overview

Al Ain is one of the famous cities of UAE which will give you a warm welcome. Al Ain is the city filled with beautiful greenery with a mild climate which will give you pleasure even if you feel that you are in desert sand, this is because Al Ain is considered to b most pleasurable and greenery place where many visitors come to spend holidays. This place is also known as “Garden City of the Gulf” because this place is filled with amazing parks and gardens which will give you relaxation and green atmosphere even at hot place.

It will take about one and half hour by road to reach Al Ain from Dubai which is not very difficult to reach. Al Ain offers best sight in UAE, the city is covered with magnificent sand dunes and towering mountains. Al Ain is the largest city located in UAE; it is also said as second city of Emirates.

Al Ain has major attraction of its greenery by which one can closes his eyes and relax with the beautiful green environment in the dessert area. Even Abu Dhabi Sheikhs comes here to relax and spend holidays, as well as many other tourists come to visit this place and plan their vacations in this city. There are many museums and monuments which reflect the rich and glorious history of this city.  The beautiful gardens of this wonderful city gives a full and fresh picture of nature which is full water aplenty they get from the oases which attracts many of the tourists to visit from all over the world.

Camel Market is very famous attraction for visitors which is regularly held in the city. Camel safaris are one of the popular entertaining activities in Al Ain city which explore mysterious Gulf Desert of UAE. Al Ain is a modern but traditional city which provides numerous modern facilities which you found in other parts of UAE. You can easily connect yourself from Oman as Al Ain is located on UAE’s eastern border with Oman. Oman is considered as a best place for Arabic shopping.

During your trip to Al Ain we are sure that you will not face any difficulty while travelling and visiting. There are number of accommodations as in hotels offered by this city. It will give you very comfortable environment just like your home does; there are also numbers of restaurants where you can have delicious cuisines.  You will heaven in UAE desert where is unbelievable part. Al Ain promises to make your trip wonderful and memorable for your whole life and you will also enjoy spending your vacations at this place.


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