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Al Ain Weather

Al Ain is one the famous and popular oasis city of UAE, which attracts tourists due to its pleasant atmosphere which is filled with greenery. The city reflects a different picture of desert area. Weather of Al Ain is always pleasant because of which people like to visit this place and select this place for their holiday trip.

Al Ain weather remains pleasant as compare to other parts, although it is a desert place but still has made it so much with full greenery which turns hot weather into pleasant one. From the end of October to late May weather of Al Ain remains pleasant but in winter season the weather becomes more beautiful due to which it is considered as a best time to plan your vacations and visit this charming city which blooms to its fullest.

It is not advisable to visit Al Ain during summers because weather becomes much more hot and humid as compare to that of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. During the month of July and August temperature shoots to 45-50 degrees centigrade which is the hottest time. Even in summer seasons weather remains pleasant from morning till evening. At coastal cities of UAE weather is quite tacky and humid during summers. Winter is the ideal time to plan your trip to this place, as it gives much more fantastic atmosphere offering amazing view of its lush greenery.

Therefore you must make sure of weather before planning for trip to Al Ain. The pleasant weather is the main reason that people like this place and it has become the hotspot for most of the tourists. Keep surfing on our website to know more about weather of Al Ain and plan your trip accordingly.

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