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Nightlife in Al Ain

Al Ain which is called as Garden City which is located at the distance of about 148 kilometres east of the capital city of U.A.E. There are many historical forts as well as archaeological sites one can view during their trip. Al Ain Museum and Natural History Museum of University of Al Ain will give you amazing history information with evidences about this city. City is filled with exciting places to visit and enjoy.

The Hili Archaeological Garden will give you wonderful archaeological historic discoveries of more than 4,000 years back. The Jahili Fort has become popular tourist’s destination where once late ruler Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan used to live at, it was previously house of this ruler. Apart from these sites there are many more places where tourists can visit and take pleasure along with the informative guidance about the city.

Traders Vic’s is a very famous bar cum pub which is located in Al Ain where many visitors come and enjoy nightlife of this city and take pleasure of the bar whole night. This bar offers alcoholic blends and also provides entertainment in terms of music where a Cuban band plays toe-tapping Spanish-Latin music every night.  There is a famous shopping mall which is called The Al Futtam Centre located at Al Ain which is one of the outlet operate in this city whereas it has a chain of shopping mall which also operates in entire U.A.E. At this shopping mall people from different part of the country come and shop as it has became one of the famous shopping mall in Al Ain. There are huge number of restaurants found in this city from where you will have delicious cuisines ranging from oriental to Asian as well as international food is also served. Some of the restaurants are opened till late night so you will not face any problem if you want to have your dinner late.

There are number of theatres which are found in this city just to make nightlife of Al Ain more and more attractful.  Dubai is just a few miles away from this city which also offers amazing and entertaining nightlife. Most of the hotels offer pubs and bars which will make your night more memorable and pleasurable. Al Ain offers many other entertaining activities which start from visiting heritage spots to bushwalking in stunning gardens and ends at enjoying a marvellous Nightlife in Al Ain. Hence your trip will be completed if you visit all these places and take pleasure. Travel guide will give you information on every step during your trip.

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