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Things to Do in Al Ain

Al Ain has a very glorious historical past as this place is thousands years old located at the foothills of the Jebel Hafit massif, the renowned massif of United Arab Emirates. It is considered as one of the largest cities of UAE as well as one of the historical places of the world. Al Ain was formerly known as the Buraimi Oasis. Most of the population here is of Arabs, Indians and few Europeans and Americans. This city offers many numerous things to do and have several places to visit by which your trip will be complete.

Al Ain, city has many beautiful and gardens which are on the top of the list where one can take pleasure and enjoy his day. These gardens are filled with greenery, trees, shrubs which is considered as a worth place for photography.

Many locals as well as international travellers visit museums located in the city. The Al Ain National Museum displays artefacts which are around 2000 years old. Small pots, figures of animals and other curious objects are displayed in this museum and all of these objects and remnants are set according to their year when they were manufactured. Many Stone Age articles are also exhibits, many articles from the Greek eras as well as from the Muslim era have been are also exhibits so that tourists can avail as much information about Al Ain as they can.

Relics found from the ancient city of Julfar such as glass ewers and jewellery etc is also displayed at this museum. Chinese Artefacts are also exhibits at this place. Because of these Chinese articles which are displayed at museums, China and other nations of the Orient has build good business as well as commercial relationship with Al Ain.

Trip to the Jebel Hafit should also be a part of your trip from where you can get a view of the sun at dusk which offers you to take pleasure of pinkish golden rays of the sun caress the slopes of the mountain, all this will create a wonderful sight during your trip to Al Ain.