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Ain Al Fayda Resort Abu Dhabi

Ain Al Fayda Resort is situated in south city of Abu Dhabi. It is one of the top health resort known as Ain Al Fayda which is located over a natural hot spring and at the base of the Hafeet Mountain. Highest mountain in the country is called Jebel Hafeet. There is a road which will take you to peak of the mountain where you can enjoy fantastic view of the whole surroundings this place is also wonderful and ideal place for photography. There is Al Faydah natural spring and Green Mubazzarah tourism resort built at the base of this mountain
The resort which is called Ain Al Fayda Resort offers a wide variety of entertaining activities such as picnics, boating, swimming, ten pin bowling, delicious food at the restaurants and much more. The landscaped resort which is built around a natural spring gives a superb cottage style accommodation for visitors in shape of guesthouse. You can avail many of the facilities offered by this resort which will keep you comfortable during your trip.

Ain Al Fayda Resort is an ideal place where you can spend whole day with your friends and family and have full entertainment and have fun at this destination. Kids can also play and roam here and there and enjoy their games. You will take pleasure of this marvellous place and relax here during your trip without any disturbance.

You can also plan your overnight stay at the guesthouse facility provided by the resort by this you can also take pleasure of nights at this place.  These resorts will give you all the facilities which you are needed they take a very good care of their visitors and make them more comfortable.

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