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Al Meena Souk Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most exciting places whether it’s about sightseeing or shopping around the city. Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous cities for its exclusive offerings of a number of shopping malls, markets and centers. Abu Dhabi offers you amazing shopping experience in the city. While talking about shopping markets, first and the foremost name that comes in mind is the Al Meena Souk Abu Dhabi.

Al Meena Souk Abu Dhabi is the most famous shopping markets in Abu Dhabi. It is based on a number of different small stalls and shops selling a variety of things. However Al Meena Souk Abu Dhabi is quite famous for its carpets. There you will find a combination of both old and modern products and you will also get to bargain a lot on the prices that these shopkeepers offer.

Al Meena Souk Abu Dhabi is also known for a place where you can buy a number of local souvenirs and antiques for yourself or for your family and loved ones. Other famous products of the market include:

  • Oriental spices,
  • Colorful fabrics,
  • Traditionally designed jewelry,
  • Hand painted pottery,
  • Handmade bed sheets,
  • Hand-woven baskets,
  • Artifacts,
  • Camel blankets, and
  • Persian rugs.

Al Meena Souk Abu Dhabi is also often termed as the Afghan Souk among the local people of the city. Other than the oriental carpets, you will also experience to see machine made carpets traded at various shops in the market. It is however advisable to check the quality for these carpets and bargain over the prices offered.

You can also recharge yourself for bargaining and roaming around this market by having a cup of tea or coffee available at the small stalls for the same in the market. You can have high-quality products bought within a reasonable price if you have good bargaining skills.