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Iranian Souk Abu Dhabi

When it comes to shopping, Abu Dhabi city offers a truly amazing experience. It has a number of traditional shopping markets, shopping centers and malls all around the city offering you a variety of products within a reasonable range. There are also a number of markets traditionally named in Arabic language as ‘souks’. One of the most famous souks is the Iranian Souk in Abu Dhabi. You can never have a complete experience of shopping if you miss to visit the Iranian souk.

Iranian Souk in Abu Dhabi is the ideal place where you can shop everything you desire. It is a traditional market quite popular among tourists as well as locals. Its major attraction is the traditional worldly colorful charm. It is a must visit shopping market for visitors where they can find everything ranging from traditional artifacts to beautifully designed jewelry. It comprises of numerous small shops selling different kinds of locally made items.

The Iranian Souk in Abu Dhabi offers a variety of items but you may require bargaining a lot with the shopkeepers. You can buy good quality and quantity within an evenhanded amount if you possess fine bargaining skills. The shops at the Iranian Souk in Abu Dhabi offer the following items including:

  • Beautiful traditional silver jewelry,
  • Traditional jewelry boxes,
  • Spices,
  • Fragrances,
  • Prayer beads,
  • Handmade rugs,
  • Handmade baskets,
  • Shisha pipes,
  • Antiques,
  • Brass items,
  • Wooden furniture and much more…

Among all these items that are traded in the market, most famous ones are wooden furniture and household other items. The Iranian Souk in Abu Dhabi is termed as a perfect place to buy traditional handmade goods, however it doesn’t feature any of the electronic items and appliances.

So when you are in Abu Dhabi, make sure to pay a visit to the Iranian Souk.