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Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3

Dubai City is a region visited by most of the travelers and tourists around the world. Dubai’s main source of income is tourism after earning from the oil and petroleum industry. This city bears heavy traffic of tourists from different parts of the world who have very frequent visits. To cater the international tourists, The Dubai International Airport consists of 3 terminals. Terminal – 1 and Terminal – 3 are used for the sole purpose of international tourists, whereas Terminal – 2 is used by the region’s low cost airlines. The international tourists make 90 percent of the passenger strength of the Dubai International Airport.

The Dubai International Airport – Terminal 3 is located inside Dubai International Airport which is 2.5 miles south east of Dubai and a few kilometers from the main centers of Dubai. Passengers can easily enter Terminal – 3 via Terminal – 1 within a walking distance of around 20 minutes. Built on October 14, 2008, this terminal is one of the largest buildings of the world in terms of distance, having a capacity of holding 60 million passengers in a year. This terminal had an initial capacity of 43 million passengers which enhanced in two years after further development by the UAE Government. This terminal was built at a cost of US$ 4.5 bn. and is used exclusively for the Emirates Airlines. This amazing terminal has most of the area covered underground having a taxi way area.

The features of this terminal are as follows:

  1. Consists of business and first class lounges having 183 check-in counters.
  2. It also has a capacity or parking 2,600 cars at a time.
  3. An amazing fact is that it has the largest and deepest baggage handling systems in the world having a capacity of handling 8,000 bags per hour.
  4. Within the baggage handling system there are 21 screening points which screen upto 15,000 items within an hour at a speed of 27 Km / h.
  5. Departure consists of 126 and 36 check in counters for the economy and business class respectively.
  6. Has a mosque of 950 square meters.

Terminal – 3 is one of the highlights of Dubai International Airport and is breath taking when it is viewed from inside. It is one of the master pieces of the Dubai city which is specifically made for managing traffic of international tourists especially travelling through the Emirates Airlines.

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