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Jeddah City Overview

Jeddah is considered as an important centre of Saudi Arabia, it is located on the coast of the Red Sea. Jeddah is considered as one of the largest cities found in western side and richest city in entire Asia. This location is considered as an important location for Muslims because of Holy City of Mecca, due to which there is a huge importance given to Jeddah city as many of these travellers pass through this rich city to reach their destination. You can collection information from Jeddah Travel Guide if you are planning to visit this place.

Historical significance of this city will also reflect from the travel guide of Jeddah. The word Jeddah means Grand Mother, this word has been derived from Arabic word Jaddah. You will also find tomb of Eve who was the first women created by God.

Jeddah Travel Guide will provide you bulk of information about the city.  Even for the transportation this travel guide will help you in getting to Jeddah. You can also reach this place by air as Jeddah is connected to all major cities of the world so it makes easy to reach here if you are standing at any point of the world. Jeddah acts as a commercial hub of the country. The Jeddah International Airport will give you entry to this beautiful city which is located in Saudi Arabia.

The Jeddah travel guide will give you information about the spots and destination where you can visit and collect information about this ancient and historical place. Ancient town of Balad in Jeddah, the Old City and Makkah Gate in Jeddah are some of the must visit places as well as attractions found in Jeddah. You can also visit museums which will give you a picture about the facts and past history of this city as well as trace the modernization of this ancient city. This city also offers various parks and gardens where you can visit and take pleasure.  This place arranges very few festivals and events which one can join and plan to travel with their family during the said time so that you can enjoy these events.

There are lot of options for shopping as well as for dining there are many restaurants located in Jeddah which offers delicious food. You can also entertain yourself and participate in various activities of sports and recreation in Jeddah. Cricket and bowling are the two games of which locals living in Jeddah are very fond of. You must take part in playing these games during your trip. Snorkelling and Scuba Diving are t another main attractions for visitors as these are also must thing to do while travelling to Jeddah.

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