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Jeddah Tourism

Jeddah is the main commercial hub of Saudi Arabia. As the history of this city trace back to 647 A.D. this city is very unique in entire Middle East in many aspects. But now this place has changed a lot and turn into a modernism. There are number of shopping malls, restaurants and activity centres are found in Jeddah. Jeddah Tourism is promoting this place for tourist. Jeddah Travel guide will give you information regarding the travelling and famous spots of the city.

There is a tropical climate found in Jeddah, summers over here are very hot and humid. November to March is the ideal time to visit Jeddah. Due to the main entrance to Holy sites Mecca and Madina, Jeddah is a way which connects to these places. The city welcomes tourists as well as those who arrive here to business purpose and for those as well who have come here for performing Hajj. People reach this place by air through King Abdul-Aziz International Airport which gets very crowded as many Muslims come here from all over the world during the time of time of the holy Hajj.

The city of Jeddah has preserved the ancient architectural site which gives pleasure to the viewer’s and enjoy this beautiful architectural beauty. King Fahd’s Fountain which is the world’s largest fountain is considered as the main attraction for tourists. This fountain looks beautiful in the evening, in the backdrop of the dusky sky, which gives amazing look to the fountain. The Municipality Museum is a must place to visit during the tour. Al-Shallal Theme Park, Makkah Gate, Eve cave are some of the amazing places where you should visit during your trip to Jeddah. Jeddah’s hospitals and surgical clinics are another main attraction for the visitors as most of the people come here and avail this facility because at the western countries treatments are very expensive.

There are three main reasons which pull you to visit this paradise are sun, sand and sea. There are number of beaches sprawling with golden sands, and the luxury seaside resorts, where you can have a very good time with your family and those moments which you will capture and memorize whole of your life.  Some of the popular beaches of Jeddah offer water sports, some of the beaches are Durrat Al-Arus, FAL, Crystal Resort, Al Remal, Shums,Salhia, Bait Albahar, Sheraton Abhur. For shopping lovers Jeddah is a very good place which is filled with supermarkets where you can have international products to the local mini-markets selling antique pieces of Saudi Arabia. From these places you can buy gifts for your families and friends.

Jeddah has improved a lot in their tourism service which is a development for this city. You can also have accommodation facility which falls into every budget. Al-Banawi Resorts, Sheraton Beach Resort, Hilton Hotel Jeddah, Crowne Plaza Hotel, La Fontaine Resorts are some of the resorts where you can have very nice and comfortable accommodation. If you want to have traditional Saudi Arabian food, there are many restaurants from where you can enjoy these delicious cuisines.