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Jeddah Tourist Attractions

Jeddah is considered as the richest city of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah also placed a commercial importance for the country.  Jeddah is filled with beautiful beaches where marine life is preserved because this city is located at the coast of the Red Sea. Ideal time to visit Jeddah is during the month of October and May when the weather is pleasant so that tourists can enjoy themselves.  During this pleasant climate there are cool nights and sunny days which also attract many visitors. During this season large number of people visits here and enjoys their time. Durrat Al-Arus, Bait Albahar, Crystal Resort and Al Remal are some of the beaches among many which are very amazing and you will feel good while walking through the beach.

Major part of Jeddah is filled with large number of sightseeing offered by this place. The shopping area of Balad is considered as the main area of attraction for tourists. You will find number of shopping malls in this area which offer branded products of Milan and Paris. There are also many traditional street markets from where you can have shopping. Balad gives a marvellous picture of mixture of modern Hi Fi buildings as well as historical buildings. Amongst them one building was converted into cultural centre is Biet Nassif which was the house of Nassif family where they used to live in 1870’s. This place organizes many Islamic Exhibitions to spread information which people can gather. Makkah Gate, Floating Mosque, Jeddah Corniche, Eve Cave and Al-Handasa Square are some of the attractions where should visit and take pleasure.

There is a large collection of ancient materials, traditional designs and interesting historical photos are displayed in the museums at Jeddah which has also become an attraction for the tourists. One of the most famous museums is the Municipality Museum; the building of this museum is here since from the period of British Legation in Jeddah.  Apart from this museum there are many others as well namely Abdul Raouf Khalil’s Museum, Castle of Cultural Arts Museum and Islamic Fiqh Academy.

Jeddah also offers many other entertaining activities for their tourists which also include amusement parks. Jeddah Amusement Parks like Al-Shallal Theme Park and Prince Sultan Aviation Academy offered many indoor as well as outdoor activities for the tourists so they can enjoy and have fun. Many visitors can also relax in this calm and peaceful atmosphere found in this place.

Jeddah Parks and Gardens are also falls under the category which is most liked by the people. Jeddah ensures you that you will enjoy your stay at this place and take pleasure by visiting the royal sightseeing, roaming around in the amusement parks and gardens and  keep yourself busy and doing shopping. Jeddah is there to cater every tourist attractions and make sure they fall in love with this place where it offers almost everything.

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