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Jeddah Weather

Jeddah is situated at the coast of the Red sea. Jeddah is considered as the commercial, industrial and tourism hub of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah reflects the picture of mix culture and ethnicity. There are many attractions found in the city in which numerous water sports are the highly attracted activities for tourists where they can enjoy in the Red Sea. We are sure you will never forget this trip in your whole life. To get more information about sightseeing and best time to visit Jeddah contact the Jeddah Travel Guide.

The climate of Saudi Arabia varies from region to region. Jeddah is called as Bird of the red sea because it is located at the coast of the sea. Weather plays and important part for a place where it is located. During summers the climate turns to high humidity due to the coastal region, this humidity moves up to around 98% when the hot wind blows from India which makes people very uncomfortable. Duration of the summers is more as compare to any other city in Saudi Arabia. Usually in the months of June and July the temperature in Jeddah shoots up to the highest point which is unbearable for anybody. But after sunset in summers people feels a bit relax because of the cool breeze blows from over the sea.

Weather becomes much pleasant during the months of November to March. Hence the ideal time to visit this place is during winter season when the climate becomes calm and peaceful with balmy winds blowing from the sea. Rainy season is not very specific in Jeddah. There is a less rain falls in Jeddah but sometimes drizzles accompanied by thunderstorms. Because of these hot climate all the building are air conditioned so that people can continue their work and does not get bother.