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Makkah Gate in Jeddah

One of the oldest gates of the country is the Makkah Gate and the history about origin of this gate can be found in Jeddah. Bab Ashlam and the Sham Gate are the two other names of Makkah Gate. Hajj pilgrims can enter through this gate. Makkah Gate is considered as the most prominent among all. You must visit this Makkah Gate during your trip to Jeddah.

This Gate was equipped by limestone coral walls during 100 AD whereas during 16th century around 6 watchtowers and gates were also built which was constructed in the defensive of Portuguese attack.  Amongst these 6 gates, on the eastern side it was Bab Makkah and on the west side it was Bab Al Magharibah and a gate which was facing in south was gate Bab Sharif. And the other gates which were facing north side were Bab Al Bunt, Bab Sharaf and Bab Al Madinah. Among those 3 gates which was reconstructed one of them was the Makkah Gate located in Jeddah. Many pilgrims visit this city on frequent basis and also get exit from this city as Jeddah is considered as the Gateway to Makkah. The Makkah Gate is one which provides the getaway to this huge crowd which comes on daily basis. The architectural structure is the worth going through the gate to perform Hajj. Construction of Makkah Gate gives reflection to the Turkish influence at Jeddah. At the evening this Makkah Gate is fully lightened up which gives an awesome look to the place.

Very close proximity of these Holy cities Makkah and Medina, Jeddah is located there. There is increase in number of pilgrims to this place on regular basis which visit here to perform Hajj. The Makkah Gate in Jeddah gives entry to these pilgrims and also takes care of their needs and facilities. Because of the beauty Makkah Gate located in Jeddah has made it a secure place.