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Etiquette and Behavior in Jeddah

Jeddah is the capital and second largest city of Saudi Arabia. The city is not only the richest city in Saudia Arabia but is the richest in the entire region of Middle Easy and Western Asia. It is also commercial and business capital of the state. The city is located on the coast of Red Sea. Jeddah is a principally significant city for Muslims as it serves as the gateway to the holy city of Mecca. Jeddah is quite strict when it comes to the correct behavior and conduct. There is a need to maintain the right social behavior in the city of Jeddah.

There are a number of restrictions when it comes to the code of conduct of different genders. The sphere of the Etiquette and Behavior in Jeddah between male and female gender is quite restricted and is regulated for hardly ever interaction outside the household. In the official environment it is only restricted to solely official purpose. The females are held in high esteem in the society. Etiquette and behavior in Jeddah says that when a person goes to someone’s house, he should greet everyone there by shaking hands with them individually. If both of them are closely related and are of the same age, they may greet each other by to kissing thrice or more on the cheeks. Both of them should stand and meet each other. Guests are to be served with tea, coffee and other refreshments. If not properly followed the said rules, it is considered their discourteous and rude conduct.

Physical distance should be maintained and is considered ill-mannered to be really close to someone while interacting. Especially among same gender, people walk together arm-in-arm or hold hands. Starring and direct eye contact is considered offensive behavior. So one must avoid eye-contact with passers-by. When you meet someone, you should say “Peace be upon you” and that greeted person should reply “And upon you peace.”