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Manama City Overview

Bahrain is now growing to attract the tourists due to its classical Arab traditions coupled with unique features provoking tourists. Manama is the Capital of the Bahrain. Time has changed and now Bahrain is modern well developed country. This country has facility of modern ways.

Manama is the Arabic word which is combination of two words. It means “two seas”. It is also meant for sleepy, calming and peaceful place.   It is located at the eastern corner of the island. It is luxurious with broad roads, lush shopping malls, romantic hotels, bars and restaurants and even pubs. The day and nights are so provoking for tourists that one feels a spring –touch affection for the city while leaving it at the end of his visit.
Manama is a cosmopolitan city. It has relaxed tax laws. It has fastest interrupted internet facility in the five and four star hotels beside at other important centers.
The tourist season starts in Bahrain from February.
For a tourist there are a lot of things to do and place to visit.

Crazy for Sightseeing?
If a tourist is crazy for sightseeing, then he would find touring guide spots in restaurants and hotels. There are several places to visit like Bab al Bahrain and the snazzy shopping malls. End is not here. There are exotic historical, monuments, Sitra, Siyadi House, Al Khamis Mosque and Fedal House and some other unique places to visit.

Manama Museum
It was opened in December 1988. It is located at the junction of Al Fatih High way and Sheikh Hamad Bridge. This museum has several exhibition rooms where in the exhibits show the history of Bahrain from stone age to the present age of civilization. However the museum of Pearl Diving and Beit AL Quran are the places to see and these places put some interesting impact to the viewer.

Manama festivals and events
Manama is the city of festivals. It is flourished with eve attitudes. The festivals of Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha, Eid al Nabi and Ashura are religious events. While the National Day (Eid al Watani) and the Independence Day ahev their own wortjh. The National Day is celebrated on 16 December. Parades and processions are executed. The Independence Day is celebrated on 27 June .  Accession Day is celebrated on 17 December every year. At this occasion buildings are decorated and illuminated. Bill boards have pictures of royal families. City gets fortified in context of tourism.

Popular Restaurants in Manama
Manama is full of restaurants. A traveler may have guide through online and even through tourism department. Famous restaurants have Chinese, Pakistani, Indian and Thai tastes. Arab traditional foods restaurants are also available. Factually variety of cuisines is available.

Luxury Nights in Manama
Conservative intent of the city has kept itself confined for free pubs like Diggers and the Barrenby Joes. These two pubs are famous for their own unique drinks and music.

Shopping in Manama
Like other cities of Bahrain, Manama has also traditional and modern shopping malls. The shopping malls are very easily accessible from any place. Big shopping malls cater a variety of shopping attractions starting form cloths, garments, to hobbies and entertainments for all ages.

Manama Entertainment
Manama has clubs with full best music, which includes hip hop to Latin grooves.  On the other hand Bahrain International Exhibition Center has traditional Bahraini recitals. Manama has several other spots for entertainment starting from Cinema, theaters, shopping malls, car racing tracks and spots at shore for recreations.