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Things to Do in Al Ain

You can easily access Al Ain by around half an hour drive from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Roaming around Al Ain is not a big issue as you can easily get transport from every area of city. Transportation in Al Ain is designed for the comfort of locals as well as for visitors. The most common transportation in Al Ain is Taxis which are available at every corner and every time of the day in this city. You can go anywhere like for shopping, restaurants anywhere from Taxi with reasonable fares. Taxis are considered as the most convenient way of moving around the city you can also move to for sightseeing at major destinations of Al Ain. Apart from taxis, private vehicles and buses are also options available by means of transportation. Buses are used as an alternative to taxis which are more economical as compare to taxis.  Bus service in this city is very nice and it will take you to different destinations wherever you want to go in the city. Streets and road of the city are very well maintained which gives a smooth and comfortable drive to anywhere. There are sign spots found at every corner of the city in both Arabic and English language which gives instructions that which road goes to which area for the convenience of visitors. Roads here are very broad and strict traffic rules are followed by everyone. Book Al Ain Hotels online.

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